Elevate Tips for Winter Weather

Melting snow and plowing can help make driving around town easier. But we know it doesn’t necessarily help the parking situation on Sundays at Elevate. So here are a few tips for this weekend…

  1. The parking lot fills up quicker when it’s full of snow mountains. Come a little early and grab a spot!
  2. If both lots are full…try parking on Lincoln Avenue, Woodland Drive or West 9th Street. Just keep an eye out for places where the streets may be more narrow than usual.
  3. Come check out our 6PM service! While 6PM attendance is growing steadily…it’s typically 30-50% smaller than our 10 & 11:30AM services.

We’re in the home stretch of winter weather and on our way towards our new permanent home at the mall…and a much bigger parking lot!

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