Stepping Up

I know it’s been a while since communicating here via the interwebs and all, but we have been firing on all cylinders pushing the limits in the renovation of the theater as well as pushing the limits in attendance on Sundays. In fact in one week we had the final wall come down in the new building and at the same time the highest ever non-holiday attendance on a Sunday. Translation – God is setting up His Church to have a radical impact for the Gospel in Erie and we are on the front lines!

That being said, this Sunday at Elevate is what we refer to as an “ALL CALL.” For the past few weeks we’ve been saying that everything you bring as tithes and offerings on the last Sunday of May, June, July, and August will be going towards our STEP UP building fund. And that if every person brings an extra $100 as an offering (that’s over and above your tithe), that’s an additional $100,000 towards our goal of $800,000.

Now, I realize that many of you are thinking, “Yeah. OK, Colby. Let me just grab that extra $100 I have laying around my house. No problem…” I would simply say to you – ask God what He would have you bring and then do whatever He says.

In the next few days I will be sharing with you exactly where we are in regards to this campaign – our finances, bank loan, equipment costs, and other fun facts. It will be extremely transparent and to the point.  However, be assured that God is control. He is building His church that will carry His message and advance His mission. And He’s looking for a few radical world changers that are willing to go ALL IN and be a part.



About Colby Atkins

Colby Atkins is the Lead Pastor of Elevate Church. He and his wife, Kristen, live in Erie with their three sons, Wade, Jake and Parker.