Why the Time to Step Up is Now

By November 19, 2014 Thoughts 2 Comments

Wow, I am so pumped about where God is positioning His Church!

We could never have imagined that God would open a door for His church right smack in the middle of the highest traffic area in our city and one of the largest mall complexes in the U.S.! (Don’t believe me? Google it!)

The potential to elevate the name of Jesus in our city and to reach people who are far from God has just increased exponentially! God is setting up His Church to have a greater impact in our city than ever before. And that’s NOT just an Elevate Church thing…There is so much incredible Kingdom building happening at churches all over this city and we are all a part of God’s master plan for the tri-state area.

That being said, if we are trusting that God has already orchestrated and is putting into motion His plan for His Church in Erie — than we are also trusting that He will provide every resource necessary to equip His Church. If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. And we believe that there is no better investment than the local Church.

In fact, let me quickly share with you why our family is Stepping Up and being stretched in our personal giving…and it’s not just because I’m the pastor:

Either God is the Lord of all, or He’s not the Lord at all.

Kristen and I decided that if we trusted God with our Salvation and eternal security, but not with our financial security — that was just insanely hypocritical.  I heard someone say once that until your wallet is fully surrendered to God, you will always walk with a spiritual limp. Either we trust God to provide for us, or we don’t.  There really is no middle ground. (Matt 6:25-34)

We can’t outgive God.

Again, either we have faith that God’s word is true (even the verses we don’t like — it’s not a buffet that you get to pick and choose from) or we don’t.  And we have bet our entire lives and eternity that the Bible is true. (Malachi 3:9-10)

The Church is the Hope of the World.

We believe that Christ established the Church as a movement to present His message of Hope and Salvation through faith in Him, to the entire world and that there is no Plan B. God desires His Church to expand and grow and reach people who are far from Him. There is no greater organization with more potential to change the world than the local church.

All that being said, Kristen and I had been saving money with the hopes of replacing my car soon.  However, because of this immediate opportunity to Step Up with our church and give to the future of where God is leading, we will be giving all that we had saved up for something we wanted (or at least I wanted) to something God wants more…the building and expansion of His church.  And with our boys, we’ve decided as a family that this year we will be giving more to Step Up and spending a lot less than we would on Christmas presents.

Obviously you may give or not give for different reasons or with different convictions, but as Christ followers it is a spiritual impossibility to become more like Christ and not become more generous.

As we are closing in on our big give Sunday I encourage you to visit StepUpElevate.Com to learn more about the campaign and to download our 7-Day Step Up Devotional.  And if all goes according to plan (which is a funny statement anyway), we will be rocking out the new location in August of 2015.

Step Up, Elevate!


About Colby Atkins

Colby Atkins is the Lead Pastor of Elevate Church. He and his wife, Kristen, live in Erie with their three sons, Wade, Jake and Parker.

  • Sherri Roth

    WOW!!! Pastor we are truly blessed to have come to your church when we did and so excited to see how God is stretching you and because of your example I know that the Lord is leading and providing for you. My husband and I are at that line in the sand that asks “Do you truly trust me with your provision or is that something you say?” Very scary and very freeing. God Bless!! Thank you for your example.

  • colbyatkins

    Thanks Sherri for your comment. You nailed it – Scary and Freeing at the same time.