4 Thoughts from this Past Sunday

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4 things I want you to know from this past Sunday…

This past Sunday 30 people said YES to a relationship with Jesus! That’s incredible! We are celebrating and praying for you!

2. I’m pumped…to say the least!
I’m so fired up about our 6PM service launching on 9/7! We’re going to see hundreds of people that are far from God experience a new life in Christ. And Sunday night is just another opportunity to INTRODUCE people to Jesus, INCREASE our faith, and IMPACT our city! And if you want to be a part of helping to get that service off the ground we would love to have you join the team. Contact Ryan King at [email protected]!

3. What’s NEXT?
It’s not just lip service or a smoke screen… God will often allow you to experience desperation in order to move you from the NOW to the NEXT. So instead of asking, “Why God?” in the middle of our desperation – we should be asking, “What God?” What are you teaching me? Strength? Patience? Dependence? Reliance? Your faithfulness? Your sovereignty? Remember, the victory that Elijah experiences on Mt. Carmel doesn’t happen unless the brook dries up.

It’s been two and a half years since we launched Elevate and we’ve learned and grown a lot along the way. Starting in 2 weeks we transition from what’s NEXT for us as individuals to what’s NEXT for us as ELEVATE CHURCH. There is going to be a ton of changes that truly reflect who we are as a church in this season and by the end of August there won’t be a single person who can’t tell you the 3 simple things that we are about!

See you Sunday!


About Colby Atkins

Colby Atkins is the Lead Pastor of Elevate Church. He and his wife, Kristen, live in Erie with their three sons, Wade, Jake and Parker.