4 Thoughts from the Air

4 Thoughts from the Air

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First…I am writing this post as I am on my way to Tel Aviv en route to Jerusalem. It’s hard to hot think about anything other than what I am going to experience in the next several days. I’m not bragging (entirely) but as you are getting up and leaving for work on Wednesday morning,  I’ll be standing on the top of Mt. Carmel where God rained down fire, obliterated His enemies, and turned the hearts of His people toward Him once again.  Just saying…

And if you want to follow me here on Instagram and Twitter, I’ll keep you posted while I’m on this epic journey.

Second, it’s so great knowing that I have an incredible team of staff and volunteer leaders that enable me the freedom to take a trip like this. Elevate Church, you are blessed with an incredible group of leaders and the next time you see one, you should give them a hug—and a Starbucks gift card. :)

And even though I won’t be with you this Sunday, Pastor Andy Kerr is pumped to bring the Word this coming Sunday as we continue in the series The Walking Dead. Don’t miss it!

Third, here’s what I know about you if you are a follower of Christ…there will come a point in your life when you question if God truly cares because you are in an overwhelming situation. Sunday’s message was a reminder that even when something seems dead in your life (and not just dead – like dry-bones-dead-for-years kind of dead) Jesus cares about you and loves to bring dead things back to life!  He’s done it over and over again in scripture and He wants to do it for you!  Don’t let your situation define you, let your Savior define you. In Christ, there is hope for the hopeless situations in your life!

And last…did I mention that 34 people this past weekend found that hope and accepted Jesus as Lord and savior of their life!!  That’s so awesome!


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