3 Small Thoughts for a HUGE Week!

By September 3, 2014 Thoughts No Comments

Hey Elevate! I want to share with you 3 things as we head into one of our biggest weekends ever!

1. This Sunday we launch our 6PM service!
We’re fired up because it means we are opening up more opportunities to invite people that could not make Sunday mornings. And I’m personally looking forward to a rowdy crowd on Sunday night that will set the bar for how we respond in worship and to God’s word.

2. The word is getting out!
YOU are the most effective way that we can get the word out about Elevate Church and God is using YOU to arrange dates with His destiny (and her child – sorry that was bad). We believe that an empty seat at Elevate Church is a serious matter and YOU are God’s instrument in spreading the word and there is no Plan B. (Rom. 10:14) So let’s introduce more people to Jesus this coming weekend than we ever have!

3. We know what the surveys say…
We’ve all heard how depressed the city of Erie is… And we know that everybody is searching for something… That’s why there’s no better way to kick off the #HASHTAGLIFE series than with #InstaHappy! The band is going to absolutely kill a familiar song this Sunday (I bet you can guess what song), and we’re going to talk about finding happiness.

Can’t wait to see what happens when we Gather…times 3!

About Colby Atkins

Colby Atkins is the Lead Pastor of Elevate Church. He and his wife, Kristen, live in Erie with their three sons, Wade, Jake and Parker.