Volunteer Opportunity: Theater Renovation

Things are moving along inside our future home at the Millcreek Mall theater. Two of the theaters now have level concrete floors! We will be pouring another floor this week.

We really need some volunteers for a few things:
– To remove the adhesive glue that is on some of the concrete block walls.  We need to remove the glue so that the walls can be painted.
– Leveling the dirt as we fill the three remaining auditoriums.
– And…we have lots of wire that still needs to be stripped for the copper.

Thanks so very much to everyone who came last week to help! You are appreciated!

We will have the building open on Monday (4/27) and Tuesday (4/28) from 9AM – 3PM and Wednesday (4/29)  from 9AM – 8PM.

We will post another update this week concerning our progress and what the needs will be for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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