Volunteer Opportunity: Theater Renovation

Okay people –  I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

We are at the point where we need to get a number of things accomplished in order to keep the project progressing and keep the cost of the project down. Here are a few things that need to be accomplished this week:

  • Put plastic and wire down so that we can pour concrete in the auditorium. This needs to be done Wednesday, June 3
  • Power wash the ceiling and walls in the large children’s room area. We need to get this done so we can start putting up drywall.
  • Bring doors and acoustic panels that are stored in the truck back into the building. We need to start working on cleaning up the doors and acoustic panels so that they will be ready to install.
  • Put donated Chick-fil-A furniture in the truck for storage.
  • Grind glue off the walls in auditorium to prepare for paint.
  • Finish power washing main entrance outside wall.

I will have the building open whenever you tell me you can help.  Please email me or call the church office at (814) 969-9478 and let me know the day and time. I will coordinate what needs to get done and the supplies and equipment!

Thanks so much!

-Dean Ensey, Theater Project Manager

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