DadFest / Father’s Day 2015

Have you ever thought about what your dad was like growing up? Running around with a cape or cowboy hat, pretending to be a firefighter or race car driver and hanging out with his friends. It’s crazy to think he was just one of the boys. Chances are he’s not a firefighter or policeman, but he’s never outgrown his desire to protect the ones he loves.

Dad’s rock…and don’t always get enough cred for it. That’s why we’ll celebrate them on Sunday, June 21 with DadFest.

We don’t want to give too much away…but DadFest is going to be a Sunday full of manly things you won’t want to miss. We’ll continue our Wolfpack series, mix in some rock and roll and have a special giveaway afterwards just for Dads.

So dads, before you dive into kicking back and relaxing, be sure to start off your day with us for DadFest at Elevate.

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