Ladies, as our church grows bigger, we want to intentionally grow smaller at the same time.

Often times its hard for us to make new friends even though at times we are desperately longing for them.

That’s where Coffee Break comes in.

Who is Coffee Break for?

It’s for all ladies 18 and over – so that’s our college students, married ladies, single ladies, our moms, our retired ladies, our grandmothers – all ladies in all stages of life.

WHAT & WHEN is Coffee Break?

It’s a one-hour coffee date of sorts that will meet at various coffee shops around Erie at two different times each day of the week for you to find a time that works for you. It’s our desire that no one do life alone and we believe that this is a great opportunity for all our Elevate ladies. The commitment is low…just one hour. But that one hour, that one cup of coffee (or tea) can lead to that one new friendship has the potential to seriously change your life!

Sounds great! How can I register for my Coffee Break?

Registration will happen in-service at Elevate beginning this Sunday. We’ll have cards available where you can sign up for the time and location for your coffee date. So be sure to grab one and fill it out at church. For more information you can also email Nichole Schreiber at [email protected]!